One online presence or many?

I tend to always use a different username for all of my endeavours online.   For the past two years I’ve kept the same one, SeeGreen, on most of the sites where I write and also with most of my social networking.  My name, Samantha is always taken, and I just can’t think of anything clever or fun to use instead, so SeeGreen has kind of stuck.

I started using it at Squidoo when I didn’t want to use my real name.  The “see” are my initials while I chose “green” because I had planned writing on Green topics, plus it is my favourite colour.

I’ve been using this name all over the web, twitter, tagfoot, digg etc. But I have now begun using Samantha where I can.  I’m trying to avoid putting numbers behind my name and using other words or just “e” which is what I have done on this blog.

Finding a username that fits can be hard.

I have so many likes and interests so using something specifically related to one interest just wouldn’t work.  And of course my last name is so long that it doesn’t usually fit into the character max requirements, not that I really want to use my last name.

So I may start changing a few names, or I may not.  I just don’t know.

I do know that I am using my name more often, and I am now comfortable with that.

Constant Maintenance

Over the years I’ve found that I have a hard time focusing on all of the important areas of my life.   Often it is one or two areas that get my attention while the other areas get pushed aside.  When I try to focus on all areas at one time, I often find myself stretched thin.  I believe that the main reason for this is that I am not maintaining all areas consistently.  I let one fall by the wayside, usually things that are about my personal well-being, and when I begin to look at how to nurture that part of my life I need to start from scratch rather than just making small changes here and there.

My goal with this blog is create a place where I can keep track of all areas of my life, what I am learning, what I am doing, what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’d love to hear from others who are learning to live a balanced life and to find out what works for them. 

I believe that Balanced Living requires constant maintenance.  This blog will remind me to do that every day.