One online presence or many?

I tend to always use a different username for all of my endeavours online.   For the past two years I’ve kept the same one, SeeGreen, on most of the sites where I write and also with most of my social networking.  My name, Samantha is always taken, and I just can’t think of anything clever or fun to use instead, so SeeGreen has kind of stuck.

I started using it at Squidoo when I didn’t want to use my real name.  The “see” are my initials while I chose “green” because I had planned writing on Green topics, plus it is my favourite colour.

I’ve been using this name all over the web, twitter, tagfoot, digg etc. But I have now begun using Samantha where I can.  I’m trying to avoid putting numbers behind my name and using other words or just “e” which is what I have done on this blog.

Finding a username that fits can be hard.

I have so many likes and interests so using something specifically related to one interest just wouldn’t work.  And of course my last name is so long that it doesn’t usually fit into the character max requirements, not that I really want to use my last name.

So I may start changing a few names, or I may not.  I just don’t know.

I do know that I am using my name more often, and I am now comfortable with that.


I can’t help enjoying a quiet spring day. Just listening to the birds, watching them hop around at the bird feeder. It’s peaceful days like this that a help remind me to just be

In a few months we will be moving and the crazyness of it all is beginning to weigh on me. On one hand I am looking forward to it, I’m hoping to move somewhere for good, where I can garden and look forward to it the following year without wondering if I will be around to enjoy it.

At the same time the temporary upheaval is something I can do without. I’m used to moving, but I am so tired of it. I hate the stress it causes and all the goodbyes.

But today I can just look out the window at the sunshine and listen to the birds singing and leave all of the stress for another day. Today is a day to enjoy.

Of course I could just be procrastinating.

The Starfish Story

One of the most well known stories about making a difference that is frequently passed around the web goes something like this …
The Starfish Story

A young man looked up and replied “Throwing starfish back into the ocean.”

The man looked around him at the hundreds of starfish on the beach and thought that this was quite a futile thing to do, there was no way the man could throw all of the starfish back into the water.  He stayed for a few minutes and watched this young man picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them into the water.  Surely he must be mad, so he asked “Why are you throwing them into the water?”

The young man responded “The tide is out, and they will all die.”

“You can’t possibly throw all of them back into the ocean” the older man replied “There are hundreds and hundreds along the beach, it wont make any difference if you throw a few back.”

At this the younger man picked up another starfish, threw it into the water and said “Made a difference to that one.”


I have always enjoyed this story.  It is very true that small acts can truly make a difference.


“The path of true abundance comes from spending time, thought, and energy on those areas of my life that are most fulfilling to me. Over time, this is how I create the life of my dreams.”

Today this is the inspirational quote at

Reading this quote makes me think of all of the things I do out of habit, instead of paying attention to my thoughts and what I am doing at each moment of the day.

Spending time and energy on things that give joy seems obvious, but most of us tend to focus on things that we dislike, or not focus at all. Years ago, some students at my school were asking everyone if they ate due to being hungry, or out of habit.  Habit won hands down.  I believe that most of the things we do every day are due to habit.

Being conscious of what we are doing, being mindful of our thoughts and actions is not an easy thing to do at first.  However, I find that when I make the effort to do this I enjoy myself much more.  Being “in the moment” is far more interesting that going through life on autopilot.

It’s not an easy habit to pick up, at least not for me.  While I may be able to do this for a few hours, it’s not long before my mind wanders too far and I tune out. 

I plan on working on this more using some of the techniques found here

Constant Maintenance

Over the years I’ve found that I have a hard time focusing on all of the important areas of my life.   Often it is one or two areas that get my attention while the other areas get pushed aside.  When I try to focus on all areas at one time, I often find myself stretched thin.  I believe that the main reason for this is that I am not maintaining all areas consistently.  I let one fall by the wayside, usually things that are about my personal well-being, and when I begin to look at how to nurture that part of my life I need to start from scratch rather than just making small changes here and there.

My goal with this blog is create a place where I can keep track of all areas of my life, what I am learning, what I am doing, what works for me and what doesn’t.  I’d love to hear from others who are learning to live a balanced life and to find out what works for them. 

I believe that Balanced Living requires constant maintenance.  This blog will remind me to do that every day.